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Most frequented services of GCA

Global Connect Admin B.V. (GCA) is a trusted partner in all matters of company administration, financial management, bookkeeping and accounting. As an experienced administration office, we provide our client with an extensive package of services. We closely align these services with our clients’ specific needs and adapt our corporate culture to guarantee a long-term partnership.

Customers choose GCA for distinct reasons

Faster turnaround time and higher efficiency than many big firms or trust companies

Extensive knowledge and experience in cross-border transactions routed in local expertise in various countries

Our established network and longstanding relationships with multiple internationally renowned organizations can be of high value

Business Administration

The corporate regulatory landscape is ever changing. Having an established industry specialist with in-depth knowledge of the regulatory and reporting processes by your side, allows you to focus on your core business. Our team of experienced professionals will shoulder the burden of the day-to-day governance and administration of your business. Our services include inter alia the following:

Company incorporation and establishment & Registered office services

●Management and accounting services

Preparing annual financial statements & VAT return

Liaising with the regulatory bodies and authorities

Compliance & legal advice

Corporate finance advisory

Optimizing tax conditions

Payroll facilitation 

Financial Management

In a globalized world economy, reporting standards
and regulations can vary greatly. Being positioned in
a global office, our accredited team has
multi-jurisdictional knowledge ensuring that local
regulations are synced to multinational rules and
industry trends, no matter the size or type of vehicle

Global Connect Admin B.V. ensures that any organization carries out its objective as satisfactorily as possible by assisting in the following:

● Local tax and accounting including IFRS, US GAAP, UK GAAP, or any other GAAP

● Cashflow

● Collection of receivables ● Liaising with external auditors to prepare financial statements & reports

● Administrative assistance involved in the audit process

● Due diligence, financial analysis & forensic accounting services

● Reconciliation of intra / intercompany as well as VAT and IntraStat

● VAT and Intrastat declarations

● In depth partnerships with various international audit firms

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is the first and most basic step in the accounting of any business, no matter the size of the entity. We utilize Dutch and/or international financial reporting standards to the curated needs of our clients. Our services includes inter alia the following:  
● Preliminary tax registration ● Recording of financial transactions ● Preparation and filing of financial statements ● Compilation of bookkeeping documents such as order, delivery and invoicing documents

We want you to be Confident in your Financial Reporting

In a globalizing environment, enterprises should be cautious of changes in regulations and technology. We at Global Connect Admin B.V., assist companies worldwide with challenges in financial reporting.