Presidents Summit 2022, Northern Europe’s leading Business conference, Copenhagen Denmark. Rethinking Business

June 2, 2022

Through adversity we grow and this year’s summit taught to inspire just that; the tools needed to adapt in this vast – changing world and in every step of the way, to grow and draw strength and purpose from what has happened in the past.

The PS provided a platform for actionable insights, inspiration and networking with over 2000 meet-ups held per day at the 2021 Summit. Global Connect Consultancy B.V., together with Global Connect Admin B.V. again this year enriched their professional know-how and built on its vast & steadfast network!

It is the ability to find harmony in the noise and to know there is a safety net when we err. According to Itay Talgam this can be achieved by our ability to recognize and explore gaps, our decision to interpret the plans we create. This speaker is an orchestral conductor who teaches leadership by looking at examples of world leading maestros. In his book The ignorant Maestro Talgam explains that sometimes the best way to stimulate and let people develop their full potential under your direction is to be ignorant. Leaders do not have to be the one who knows everything, but the one who helps his leaders to develop their full potential and to coordinate the team so that those energies flow in a common sense, as happens in a well-assembled orchestra. He teaches his audience not to mind the gaps but to use them.
Other experts on the stage included Daniel Pink, expert on human behavior who aims to teach businesses that regret is both healthy and universal and an integral part of human life. Regret is not abnormal or dangerous, it clarifies what we value and teaches us to be better if we can learn from it.

Dr. Frederik Pferdt, CIE of Google teaches around the central idea that “it’s important to create an environment where everyone is allowed to bring in opinions”. His teachings focus on human mindset and how it channels our inner attitude towards every external event and how to reprogram our negativity bias and start inventing a better future, today.
Noteworthy insights from Linda Hill included inter alia that “most innovations arise from the collision of different ideas, perspectives, and ways of processing emotions”. Organizations are increasingly faced with pressure to innovate, but lack the tools to fuel, inspire and sustain that innovation. In summary the professor teaches her audience to reduce their should’ve and could’ve; be collaborative-ready; develop your successors and paying attention to both scale and speed.
We would like to thank our hosts at this years’ President’s Summit for the outstanding event that was had! Your hospitality is remarkable and the teachings are what we will draw from in the coming year. Thank you!

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